About Sell It For Me

It’s simple – Sell It For Me sells your stuff* for you on eBay (or other appropriate marketplaces). We charge a commission for successful sales and nothing if an item doesn’t sell.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3:

1. You identify stuff to sell

2. We photograph, appraise, list and dispatch your stuff

3. You get paid!

Basically – if it can be sold on eBay, then we can sell it for you. We sell everything from clothing to electronics to furniture and anything in between. We’ve even sold a kitchen sink!

Whilst we can sell almost anything for you – we do have a set of rules around “stuff” we can and can’t sell. Please click here for details.

We have sold items on behalf of shopaholics with bursting wardrobes, businesses clearing stock, renovators, interior designers creating new looks, downsizers, and even schools looking for unique fundraising opportunities. 

We appreciate your time is valuable and our mission is to make this process easy, convenient and fast. Most of all – we turn your unwanted items into cash.

Jon and Christina are the duo behind Sell It For Me – we are experienced eBay sellers and operate a retail website. We have over 10 years’ experience selling across a range of categories.

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