What does It cost?

Sell It For Me operate on a no sale, no fee basis.

It is in our interest that your items sell.

Our commission fee is 40% of the sale price (after selling fees* are accounted for) for individual items up to $500. The commission fee for individual items over $500 is 30%  of the sale price (after selling fees are accounted for).

*What are “selling fees”?

Selling fees comprise of eBay listing fees, final value sales fee and PayPal fees. As a rough guide eBay final value fees and PayPal fees range from 9.9% to 15%. More details on eBay’s policy and calculator can be found here.

eBay has a Fee Calculator so you can understand their fee structure here.

This eCal tool calculates the eBay and PayPal fees combined if the buyer pays by PayPal.

An example

Sell It For You sold Mrs Wright’s designer dress for $215.00 eBay’s fees were $21.29, PayPal fees of $5.89, and Sell It For Me’s fees were $86, leaving her with $101.82!

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