How much can you sell items for?/ How do you determine price?

We price your items to sell, however ultimately the market dictates what it is prepared to pay.

We use advanced search tools to determine the recent selling prices of similar items.

Can I Set A Minimum Price For My Item?

You can tell us what you want, however if we feel your price is not accurate with going sell prices on eBay we may suggest you set a lower price to sell.

How Do You Decide What To Start The Auction Price At?

We research your items on eBay that are similar, that have sold in the last month, that gives us an idea of what you can expect to sell your item for. We are also experts at knowing what method and start price to set for your item. There are certainly exceptions, but most of the time we are accurate on with what an item roughly will sell for.

What Happens If My Item Doesn’t Sell?

This doesn’t happen very often but if your item doesn’t sell we’ll give you the option of either having it re-listed again up to 3 times (if there is a demand for this item), you can make arrangements with us to retrieve your item(s) within 7 days or we can donate it to charity for you!

Selling fees

What are “selling fees”?

Selling fees comprise of eBay listing fees, final value sales fee and PayPal fees. As a rough guide eBay final value fees and PayPal fees range from 9.9% to 15%. More details on eBay’s policy and calculator can be found here.

eBay has a Fee Calculator so you can understand their fee structure here.

This eCal tool calculates the eBay and PayPal fees combined if the buyer pays by PayPal.

What Will It Cost To Sell My Item?

See our Fees page for details on final fees & commission.


What’s the turnaround time?

We will list your items on eBay (and/or other marketplaces within 1 week). The maximum time for a listing is 30 days. However we can re-list items based on demand and price.

How Long Do The Auctions Run?

Typically we run a ten day auction. This is the recommended duration by eBay, and we find it most effective. When priced reasonably, most sought after items will sell on the first attempt within 10 days. With eBay’s Buy it Now or Best Offer we can run an auction 3 times! (30 days) If unsuccessful after 30 days, we suggest an auction at a lower start price.

How Long Does The Process Take?

It varies, but most auctions will run for 10 days. We can also run auctions for 30 days if you aren’t in a rush to clear out space. Once the items are paid for, shipped & received by the buyer, we send your payment. Depending on how items are paid for and how quickly the payments are made after the auction closes will determine how quickly we can get you your money. It could be as long as 2-3 weeks after your auction closes before your receive payment.

Small and Large items

What size items can be posted?

Large items over 105cm in length or over 10kg in weight will usually have to be picked up on location.

What’s the process with items that can’t be posted?

We will help to arrange collection of larger items within 7 days of the sale date.

What happens if my item doesn’t sell?

If the items don’t sell within your chosen time frame, we will happily re-negotiate a reserve price and re-list.


What exactly does Sell it for me do?

We do all the work and sell your stuff for you.

  • We provide digital photography & editing
  • Research and compose detailed descriptions
  • List your items on eBay and other marketplaces
  • Respond to all inquiries and questions about your items
  • Provide Electronic Invoicing to buyers
  • Payment processing including Credit Card Payments
  • When your items sell, we collect payment, then safely pack and ship the item or for arrange pick up.

You Sit Back and Wait For Your Payment

  • Once the item is paid for and received by the buyer; we send you your payment*.

What happens if the buyer returns the item?

It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes buyers can return items. eBay has a strict return policy that only allows buyers to return an item if it is clearly not-as-described.


Why use Sell It For Me?

At Sell It For Me, we understand that selling items can be overwhelming, time consuming and frustrating for a lot of people, which is why we sell your goods on eBay for you. We’ll take care of everything, from appraisal to collection. With over 12 years of  selling experience, we know the market inside out.

We charge a competitive commission for sales – if you don’t make money, we don’t make money.

We only charge a commission for successful sales, and nothing if an item doesn’t sell.

Where/service areas

Where is Sell It For Me Located?

We are located in St Kilda, Victoria. We can service the Melbourne metropolitan area. We can come to you and let you know what items will sell.

What’s the right market place to sell my items?

Why Should I Sell Something On eBay?

eBay is the world’s largest marketplace for new and used goods. Millions of shoppers visit eBay every day, the odds are very good that someone is searching for the item that you have to sell. We also list valuable items on other marketplaces like GumTree, FaceBook Marketplace and groups.

How Can I Learn To Sell On eBay?

We can teach you! We are eBay education specialists and offer private training. We charge $50/ hour for one on one training. Call or email us for more information.

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