How It Works

The Sell It For Me Me Process

1.    You Identify stuff to sell Check your closet, take a look in the garage, maybe in the kitchen…there are things to sell in every room of your house! We have some basic conditions – items must have a resale value of at least $50, you must be the owner of the item and it must be legal (no drugs or children!). Please download the full list of stuff and the general terms and conditions. We take your small items away with us and post it off once it has sold. We can sell larger items (such as furniture or items that cannot be posted) for you – we just need to discuss appropriate storage and collection.
2.    We photograph, take measurements, appraise, prepare copy, list and dispatch your stuff! Our primary service is to come to you and photograph your stuff. We are based in St Kilda and service the Melbourne metropolitan area. You can make life easier by completing the attached form. Alternatively you can send us photographs and completed form and we can discuss details over the phone. Most items will be listed on eBay – we will manage the listing right through to their conclusion. We handle all packing and postage. All items are shipped using our Australia Post account. Don’t worry, the buyer pays the postage!
3.    You get paid! You get up to 60% of an item’s sale price. That is, the sale price less selling fees (as charged by the marketplace) and Sell it for me’s commission – deposited directly into your account. You receive payment for items that sell as shortly after the buyer has paid and successfully received the goods. Any unsold items are returned to you or donated to charity.

Rules around your stuff

Most things can be sold on eBay – major exclusions include animals, drugs, alcohol , weapons, stolen or counterfeit items.

So if it can be sold on eBay – we can sell it for you!

We sell everything from clothing to electronics to furniture and anything in-between. We’ve even sold a kitchen sink!

We have some basic conditions:

  • items must have a resale value of $50*
  • you must be the owner of the item
  • only authentic items
  • it must be legal
  • items must be in excellent condition… we can’t sell rusty old bikes or stained designer clothing!

*If you don’t know their value – it is useful to think of the price you purchased the item for and deduct around 75%. Alternatively – we can perform advanced searches of recently sold items and provide you with relevant advice.

There is no doubt that some things sell better than others. Some of the best sellers are from the following categories:

  • Designer clothing, shoes and accessories
  • Electronics (smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc)
  • High end kitchen appliances (blenders, mixers, juicers in brands like Bamix, Magimix, KitchenAid, Vitamix)
  • Sporting goods and equipment – golf clubs, fishing, camping gear, bicycles, etc.
  • Furniture, antiques, fridges, freezers
  • Musical instruments – Guitars, trumpets, violins

Other useful things that help a sale:

  • Do you have the original receipt?
  • Do you have the ‘certificate of authenticity?
  • Items are in good condition (not torn, stained, broken) and must be working.

What doesn’t sell or we can’t/won’t sell:

  • MEDIA- DVDs, CDs, magazines, books
  • ITEMS THAT CAN’T BE VERIFIED OR REQUIRE A LICENSE OR CODE – eg. Gift cards, prepaid phones, coupons, subscriptions, software, computer games
  • EBAY-PROHIBITED ITEMS – Weapons, counterfeit brand name items, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, etc
  • Fragile items – anything that can easily break in transit.
  • Pre-loved clothing that is stained or not in near new condition. Please donate them to charity…


What we look for when we’re selling your items:

Age: How old is it? Can we find exact details about the item online?

Condition: Is it fully working? Is it scratched, dirty, scuffed or damaged?

Appeal: Is it an item in high demand? Is it a current model that people are looking for online?

Value: Can we easily sell it? Based on these factors, we can obtain a better price.


What are clients say:

Danielle Costa
28 September 2015 at 20:50
I highly recommend the Sell It For Me service. I had a whole bunch of clothing in my wardrobe and it was quickly turned into cash. Thanks guys!
J. Solomon
21 December 2016 at 18:30
Thanks so much Jon and Christina. We successfully sold a whole 3 bedroom house full of quality furniture.
I don’t know what I would have done without this service. A great way to make a little extra cash if you don’t have the time to do it all yourself.

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